Posted by: Bruce | February 28, 2013

Asylum seeker charged over sexual assault at Macquarie University, Australia.

Macquarie University - GooglelimageTwo things stand out for me about this alleged sexual assault at Macquarie University.

First a young lady, the victim, must not be forgotten as the media whips up a storm on asylum seekers. Headlines highlight all asylum seekers, the Red Cross, the Immigration Department and any agency worth naming as factors to consider in the sexual assault by an asylum seeker apparently acting alone.

The victim will suffer and has to live with the effects of this indecent, cowardly assault. South African model Reeva Steenkamp, hardly rated a mention as all headlines went to her alleged killer, her boyfriend who happened to be an Olympic competitor.

University Village Acc.- a Google imageThis attack at Macquarie University, and it appears another separate attack following the first was attempted, highlights a security issue for students in accommodation such as that at Macquarie University, other universities or hospitals and the like. Having a few nurses in my family, I know well, some of the poorly secured accommodation for nurses in the past.

Second; Police have charged a person who is an asylum seeker. This doesn’t mean all asylum seekers are rapists. Australia has its own lowlifes as well.

What it does mean to me is this; it’s good work that the offender has been caught. If the offender is an asylum seeker and is proven guilty, then jail him for the appropriate time and on release fire him back to his homeland on the first available plane.

Hopefully there won’t be any bleeding hearts and do gooders out there who think he deserves a second chance. This behaviour goes way past ‘biting the hand that feeds you’ mentality.

Update: March 11, 2016

Asylum Seeker, Daxchan SELVARAFAH, found not guilty.

Non-Welcome doormat. Google imageWords for today; Leave women alone.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel.


  1. It seems almost inconceivable that someone seeking asylum in another country should himself become a threat to the residents of that country. Does he not worry about what will happen if he’s deported back to his homeland?


    • It’s mind boggling isn’t it? And,if he’s claiming persecution from his home country then he is now sure to get it, for more than one reason, when he is returned. The worry is, that he, his solicitor (paid for by us) or a bleeding heart will argue this very point to have him forgiven and accepted as a genuine asylum seeker. Paradox and Catch 22 spring to mind here. In my books, he’s had his chance and blown it. I’m sure his victim won’t be heartbroken when he’s on a plane with a one-way ticket.


  2. You’re right, we have got our low lifes here. You’re also right that this particular low life won’t be deported. The chardonnahy sippers will champion him and the government of his country won’t allow him to come back.. You’re also right, that it’s the aggressor’s ‘human’ rights that are paramount here. You seem to have covered it all.


    • I hope the victim and her family make themselves heard in the near future. She, and potentially other victims, have to be considered first. Thanks for your thoughts.


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