Posted by: Bruce | December 10, 2012

Hibiscus; pink, yellow and red; with ant.

After deep reflection I figured I also like the title;  ‘ Ant on Plant ‘.

A high key image with a black spot. I wonder if this little guy has ever heard of the internet?

Hibiscus with ant

Word for today:    Ant …… insect on this plant.

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel



  1. I’m looking forward to reading the rest when you get around to it. As for that ant, well, I think he;’s probably pretty lucky not to have heard of the internet. It’s a drug like any other.


    • You’re right there Mary. I should be in bed right now with a good book instead of looking at this screen, so that’s where I’m headed. Thanks for checking out the ant. Bruce


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