Posted by: Bruce | April 20, 2012

Afghan remains and the Los Angeles Times. Errors in judgement.

Here I sit in Oz and into the loungeroom flies the news of U.S. troops (on U.N. Mission) allegedly sharing images of posing with enemy body parts.

I wouldn’t like to be this US soldier featured front page. His face will forever represent this ugly incident even if he is innocent; photos can lie a little. His family will feel the heat too.

If we had a “That’s Incredible” show, there are two topics I would nominate.

1/ The editor of the Los Angeles Times, Davan Maharaj for saying he published the photos for its news value and; to fulfil obligations of impartial reporting.

Well whoopy doo. Truthfully saying ‘news value’ is incredible, reporting obligations just tokenism. How many lives will ‘news value’ cost this time.

2/The Taliban complaining of brutal and inhuman treatment. Incredible.

Word for today;     WHY?

Why would Davan Maharaj publish this? Business down a little? Doesn’t he read the news? In February 2012, Korans destroyed (without evil intent) and 30 U.N. troops killed in retaliation. Mostly U.S. troops but there are other nationalities in Afghanistan as well, including Australians. I bet lots of families are wishing Maharaj would take a hike.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel.



  1. Hi,
    Honestly I really wonder what goes through some Journalists minds, when I read about this in the papers I’m sure my jaw dropped, I didn’t even finish reading the article.


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