Posted by: Bruce | April 19, 2012

A storm over Swansea, Lake Macquarie.

Just thought I’d slip this one in on the back of the previous sunset post. Image captured Monday 16th April,2012.

This huge storm was standing on the coast over the seaside suburb of Swansea. As the crow flies, it’s just a few kilometres east from Wangi Point, ie. from where I stood taking the photo. The darkness and thunder beneath, impressive.

The cloud bank on sunset was only part of a enormous system stretching up and down the coast. It  resulted in a huge water spout off Newcastle and flash flooding in many places. The colours shown are as they were.

Word for today:  Nature ——– turns on a good show.

More to come;   same blog time, same blog channel.


  1. Hi,
    An amazing shot, it certainly does look like a huge storm.


    • Hi Magsx2. What we need now is a few days of sunshine, don’t you think?


      • Our rain here in Brisbane has gone for only a short while it is suppose to start raining again this afternoon and again tomorrow. 😦


  2. I love the “word for the day” summary at the end of each post. It’s a nice way to get your point across. Nice sunset photo too!


    • Thanks for taking the time to comment Ryan. Glad you liked the image. Also, glad you like “word for the day”, you are the first to comment on this. It was intended to do exactly as you described. Bruce


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