Posted by: Bruce | March 14, 2012

A riot of a time – halfwit ‘soccer hooligans’; this one’s for you.

A couple of days ago I was watching the show ‘Worlds Most Amazing Videos’. One of the clips was of a soccer riot, I think in Spain but I’m not sure.

Doesn’t really matter which country I guess, the rioting airheads seem the same everywhere. I watched with the usual disbelief and disgust as the mob of dickheads practiced their trade of pain and destruction.

As the clip unfolds you see the mongrels try to belt anyone with anything, the more damage and injury the better. They belt people from behind, on top, whether they are small, young or old. This group I watched were in a frenzy, knowing that time was limited; making sure as many people were damaged as possible. Frenzied but not crazy though; there is method in their madness. It is all internal, calculated brutality that’s been stored, waiting an opportunity to vomit on ordinary saps who are there for the game but sat in the wrong spot.

I watched as a group, almost running, kicked and punched a guy to the ground, then started to really damage him. A guy from about 10 feet away zeroed in and pushed through some of his ‘mates’ to kick this same guy in the head from behind; he then pulled back and hid behind this bunch of human crap he belonged to.

Years and years ago I couldn’t digest that ‘fans’ could do this; thought that those European soccer games and people were just crazy. How could these people spill onto the grounds, run and kick people in the face and continue when they were down? Sadly, it’s happened in Australia a few times as well, bringing shame and embarrassment down under.

I grew up in a time that generally followed the saying ‘you don’t kick a man when he’s down’. In fact, you didn’t kick; you faced off in a fairly balanced fist fight and shook hands at the end of it. Kicking was for dirty fighters and still is;  sucker punching is for gutless wonders.

Can you imagine being a fly on the wall listening to the crap that these lowlifes would brag about later? They have no concept of being an okay person or being in a fair fight (if you have to fight at all).

They can’t be there for the soccer game either; if they understood just a fraction of the meaning of sport they wouldn’t do as they do.

How the soccer players, real fans and officials must hate these half humans.

Hooligans is a kind name for these miscreants.

Cowards, empty heads, bullies, shit for brains, gutless, deranged, rotten, yellow, worse than an animal with rabies, air wasters, self centered delusional arseholes, festering sores that need to be cauterized.

Just a few terms that spring to mind when I see these pieces of crap masquerading as a male. They are totally kidding themselves if they call themselves a man.

If I had my way, I’d put each one in stocks with their name and address, and a large billboard behind them with a picture of them committing their gutless offences. Kicking some one in the face from behind, smashing their teeth and nose, is not cool and brave. It deserves the removal of their balls to match the rest of their nature.

Word for today: OBVIOUS – I don’t like these ‘people’.

More to come: same blog time, same blog channel.


  1. You’re totally right. I hate them too – and I live in Brazil, so you can guess how much of that we have here…just a few days ago a guy died – he was shot. After the match, there was an ambush and the fans from the rival teams confronted each other, while the police just watched from afar…that’s pretty “normal” here. What isn’t normal is to think this is normal!!! In this case it was an ambush, but what usually happens is that the rival teams’ fans SCHEDULE via Facebook and other social networks where and when they’ll confront each other…can you believe that?!? Really, I don’t know what to think…it’s like you said, it’s not a matter of sports anymore.

    I personally believe it’s as it used to be in ancient Rome: with the policy of bread and circus, you (= the government) entertain people, they let steam – and their testosterone! – off and sublimating their aggressive impulses by punching each other, killing each other, and then they go calmly home. This way they won’t riot on the streets for jobs or for social security in general, they won’t complain about politicians, they will conform as long as they have their weekly distraction (watching their idols in the stadium, shouting war-slogans and punching and kicking and being punched and kicked, as if they were not punched and kicked enough by the State!!!).


    • Hi Janus, thanks for taking the time to comment. As you say, it is incredible that this stuff seems to be an accepted part of the soccer world. I don’t blame the police for standing back; why risk their necks for the ones who arrange their own violence? Sad that innocents get caught up in it, they are the ones I feel sorry for. It’s scary to try and figure what goes on in their heads; probably nothing due to the vacuum. Bruce


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