Posted by: Bruce | February 25, 2012

An unfair dismissal? An indecent disposal? Gillard V/s Rudd

When Kevin Rudd was Prime Minister of Australia he had the hot seat, he was Head Honcho, No.1, The Man, The Big One.

Along came the party faithful and before he knew what was happening Julia Gillard was in that very chair and the velvet had’nt had time to cool.

Kevin Rudds head must have been spinning. No matter what party is favoured, most agreed that he got the bullet in pretty poor fashion.

You might even say he was a prime candidate for an unfair dismissal claim. It doesn’t seem that he got his three warnings under Federal legislation, he didn’t seem to get counselling and guidance in his duties; he just got the chop in a most public and undignified manner.

Well, like most boomerangs, Kevin Rudd has returned, ‘fessed up and the crap has hit the fan. It’s not pretty, it’s not good for the Labour party, it’s not good for the country. Is it all about competency or ego?

Julia Gillard can’t claim unfair dismissal. She’s had excessive warnings, lots of meetings and advice and practised the art of unfair dismissal herself.

And so the time draws nearer, a moment of truth or deception will be upon us as Monday dawns in the world of politics.

Who will cop the boot, or pump as the case may be?

Who will be sitting in the naughty chair applying band aids.

Who will be Moving Forward to the Back Benches?

Word for today(two words really);    Moving Forward.  –  the most boring and stinky slogan I have ever heard. Come on, what politician in their right mind is going to say to the public ‘Let’s move backward?’.  Moving forward? Puke. At last, the opportunity to fire it back to the source.

More to come:  same blog time, same blog channel.



  1. Hi,
    I live in QLD, and not only are we getting bombardard with the Federal crap, we have elections due in March, so we are also getting hit with political spin on the State level as well. 😦


    • Hi Magsx2, I’m sure you’ve had enough politics in your state and it won’t settle for while yet. There is a kind of morbid fascination with this day of reckoning between Gillard and Rudd for me though. Better than a soapie. I like your Stumpy joke and the 30,000 year old tree. That’s amazing. Bruce


  2. Yes, I have to agree with you there, it is like a soap opera. 😆

    I’m glad you enjoyed the posts. 🙂


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