Posted by: Bruce | October 16, 2011

Should Qantas apologise for whiteface stunt? NO!


Face Paint: Black or White?

They shouldn’t have had to apologise for the blackface stunt either. How do you put this kind of rubbish into words without blowing your stack?

Is this political correctness gone into warp mode? Are normal actions and comments now classed as racist? Is a compliment racist? How bloody frustrating.

This is all to do with the airline Qantas, Twitter, the Rugby Union Bledisloe Cup, Australian Wallaby player Radike Samo and two of his fans, and Chairman of the NSW Aboriginal Land Council. Now add some black face paint and two afro wigs; yep, here we go; a newsworthy case of racial discrimination. Infuriating.

Radike Samo seems like a good bloke apart from being a talented player. He considered the actions of his two fans a tribute and didn’t see what all the fuss was about. How’s that for a normal reaction? Just as it should be.

Here is the link to the article with video and picture of Radikes fans. It tells the story I’m choking about.

My point is this; if I was a famous wallaby player (like Radike Samo) but white, had fans who were not white (I’m still not comfortable saying black and white); and these fans (with dark hair) painted their faces white and wore a wig imitating my hair style, let’s say blonde afro, should I get upset and does that mean my fans are racist? Crap NO. Of course not. Do I need to even ask the question? If I was such a little precious that I was somehow offended, not flattered, by my fans then God help me.

I think all those on Twitter who reacted badly to the Qantas tweets and photos need to pull their heads in; so does the Chairman of the NSW Aboriginal Land Council. I say Qantas has nothing to apologise for, neither do the fans in the piccies and the only level head in the situation is that of Radike Samo.

I don’t know what to call this except some kind of reverse discrimination? All I know is, that if I was in the position of Radike Samo but the colours were reversed; I would take the fans actions as the compliment they were intended to be. The do-gooder, jump on any bandwagon trouble making hypocrites can go stuff it up their noses.

Word for today:

Gall:  a cause or state of exasperation.

More to come; same blog time, same blog channel.

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