Posted by: Bruce | August 12, 2011

Christian Brother Robert Best; he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother. Like Hell.

Sins of Brothers Demand Inquiry: by Vivian Waller, The Age.

Convicted paedophile Robert Best

This post is prompted by the sentencing of Robert Best for his acts of cruelty and indecency to young boys and humanity in general.

The hypocracy of the title ‘Christian Brother’ boils the blood.

This is the link that will take you to an article by the lawyer for one of the victims.

Further links will keep you feeling outraged and sick.

The Catholic order of Christian Brothers and the Catholic Church in general should hang their head in shame. How can there be any confidence in this church? An inquiry, what a good idea.

How enraging seeing the title Christian Brother attached to the name Robert Best. He could never have been a christian or Christian Brother. He was and is nothing but evil along with his other putrid paedophile mates who should all go and burn in hell. Best is 70yrs of age. Hopefully he never leaves prison. He deserves a life sentence just as he gave his victims a life sentence. The conspirators of Best, other mis-named Brothers, also deserve life in prison. They are worse than wild animals because they knew what they were doing.

It seems that Best and others of his ilk found the perfect home for themselves in the Christian Brothers. Viewed with respect by the public while behind their benign facade, their angelic smiles, their veneer of normalcy, they were secretly rubbing their grimy hands together with glee at the prospect of unhindered access to victims.

Imagine, a young victim being assaulted by Best and the assault interrupted by another “Brother of evil”, who smiled and closed the door. My mind just caves in trying to assimilate that kind of cold, calculating evil and the effect on the victim, the target of his perversions. Hard to believe that Best has or had parents. You have to feel sorry for them, spawning such evil.

Word for today: EXCREMENT;  Brother of evil, Robert Best and his disciples of slime.

More to come, same blog time, same blog channel.

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