Posted by: Bruce | May 3, 2011

Aussie Rules and a Sucker Punch for Chris Nights.

Watch out for unintentional belt in the guts.

Aussie Rules isn’t usually my thing but watching the news tonight I couldn’t miss the video replay(s) of St Kilda’s Zac Dawson sucker punching Adelaides Chris Nights.

It’s insulting and incredible that an argument is put forward to say what I saw wasn’t really what I saw, but I suppose the video of what really happened could have been taken out of context.

My kids, when little, denied what they were seen doing.

Isn’t this big people stuff? It’s bad enough that Dawson sucker punches Nights, cowardly if you will; then says he didn’t do it. Struth, just ‘fess up and admit you lost your cool and lost your judgement. That will go over much better than the crap dished out to viewers and fans alike.

Tradition for Aussie guys isn’t belting someone in the guts when they’re looking the other way. The tribunal weren’t fooled and enforced the rules for Aussie Rules.

You be the judge, check the video.

Word for today:  Dishonorable; lacking honor, shameful.

More to come; same blog time, same blog channel.

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