Posted by: Bruce | April 25, 2011

A sign of the times for an inconvenient public.

This sign is on a public toilet located in Finnan Park rest area at Grahamstown Dam, off Richardson Rd, between Medowie and Raymond Terrace, NSW. The property is that of the Hunter Water Corporation and the park seems to be fairly popular.

It’s sick that such a sign is necessary but I’m glad it’s there; because Stranger Danger comes in different forms as most of us know. There are some who inhabit these blocks who would like to hang a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign outside.

Just briefly I’m picking on this particular toilet block because I stop at this park from time to time, have a short break from driving and maybe use the toilets. I avoid it if I can though because it became apparent that this toilet block is/was being used by ‘guys’ for sleazy sex in stinky places. When you see the same cars parked outside the block (empty) and they have been there for longer than nature usually requires, you just sort of know that what’s happening in there won’t be kind on the eyes of ordinary mortals.

On one occasion, a small tourist bus arrived. I was contemplating ringing the coppers because a small group of cars (empty) was again present. It was obvious as the bus pulled up near the block that people were heading for the toilet. The rats were startled, caught a little off guard and scurried out; the cluster of cars disappeared with doors banging and dust rising. Funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

So we know that you always go with your kids into public toilets because some weirdo can be waiting to harm or kill them, that’s a given.

But what about this other type of stranger danger? Not as serious but certainly on the scary and sick side. A few adult males engaged in sex in a public toilet? How would your kids handle that? I found it difficult to handle when I surprised some toilet tanglers a while back.

Some years ago my job had me on the road most of the time. By lunchtime I was looking for a park to rest, eat and use the public toilet before heading out again. Lots of people on the road do the same. I walked in on 4 guys in Maitland park who decided this stinking old toilet block was the place to get there daytime kicks. Two faces from one cubicle slowly appeared above the wall, then two from the next. Joined at the hips I guess and wondering if I was in for the action. It was almost funny except it was weird and a bit scary. I cursed them and walked out. They all took off quickly. I watched their cars; a company ute, a tradesmens ute, a family wagon with booster seat, a neat little car with baubles round the back window. You would never pick them except for the car with the baubles perhaps. This happened on a day when school kids were everywhere on some sort of sport day at Maitland Park. Unbelieveable. I had a male leave the toilet at Fennell Bay, the park near the bridge, as I was entering; he came back in. This particular block apparently a well known haunt of bowl buddies despite being a family oriented park. I had a male staring at me once from his car when I was parked near the bridge and toilets at Raymond Terrace. I was actually beginning to wonder if someone had stuck a sign on me or the car saying ‘this bloke is sleaze just like you’. My work mates were not surprised being ‘locals’ but they did stir me a bit. Whenever I see cars parked outside a toilet block I tend to move on. A hidden tree is much safer. The toilet block at Blackbutt Reserve, Newcastle, takes on a whole new meaning and I’m not talking colour here.

This is not gay bashing by the way. These sleazies can just as easily be guy/girl or girls. I was, like most, a little cautious going into public toilets on my own; after this sick stuff I avoid them if I can. My kids will always have company; even in busy shopping centres. Do women have a similar problem with the Ladies toilets?

Just briefly on a tangent, but related to poor behaviour by guys. To all those guys who pull over to side of the road for a quick leak. Get behind some cover. You’re not cool. Turning your back to traffic isn’t good enough. My kids don’t want to see you, I don’t , nor my wife. Don’t be such lazy arses who don’t give a stuff about anyone but themselves. If I was a copper, I’d nick each one of you I saw. It would be the most expensive leak you ever took. Grow a brain.

So I’m sad but glad to see this sign. It might help to reclaim our public convenience. All you grubs who get it off in public toilets; get lost, nick off, get a room. How desperate are you to have sex in a public toilet? I don’t want to see you, my kids will hopefully never see you. If you are half decent you’ll find somewhere that doesn’t make the rest of us sick. If I was a copper, I’d nick the lot of you as well. You’d be wishing you had at least been bought a dinner by your dunny date; it may have balanced out the fine and your embarrassment when caught.

Hopefully, the public become a huge inconvenience for these bowl bashing, cubicle cuddling, trough trippers. Kids, at least, deserve better.

Word for today: Sleazy; marked by cheapness of character or quality.

More to come; same blog time, same blog channel.

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