Posted by: Bruce | April 3, 2011

How I lost faith in multiculturalism | The Australian

Greg Sheridan via How I lost faith in multiculturalism | The Australian.

Holy Prophet Mosque

This article by Greg Sheridan is fairly long, but I guess lays the base for his conclusions. It appears that his opinion on immigration and refugees has taken a shake and is now viewed from a wider angle.

I am sharing this article because a few things leapt at me immediately.

I lived in the Wiley Park/Punchbowl area from 1989 to 1996. My neighbours across the hall of my unit block were Muslim and very nice people with great kids. We shared some of that strong coffee.

As time passed and I walked the streets I found a different atmosphere growing. A couple of streets in Lakemba, particularly those filled with unit blocks; were like entering another country and I could feel the stares from all directions. It wasn’t a friendly atmosphere. Another street closer to Bankstown, this time of typical Aussie homes with a yard, also no longer fitted the old Aussie image. Not a big worry with this although it does take a little adjustment to see a street dominated by Middle Eastern people. As I walked this footpath with wife and child, a car with young blokes drove straight in front of us into their driveway, across the footpath,gave us hostile looks and got out leaving the car to block our way. We had to go around of course. Brainless actions are understandable, but this was deliberate and a bit infuriating.

The photo at the top of the article; what’s with the Police on standby? Why on the road? Most other religions I know don’t pray on the road. Is it a special occasion? Too many to fit inside? A display for all to see? How many cars were held up because of this action? Would my old church be allowed to pray on the road? Would my old church be allowed to do it in their old country? These are little questions that really dig away at me. The answers may be simple; I just don’t have them.

Just two more points. No other religion, as far as I know, condemns Westerners; the evil Westerners, the evil Aussies, Brits, Americans etc. Why the hell are they in Australia then? I think Australia is nothing more than a tool to be manipulated by many Muslims with their imported homeland hatred; merely a stepping stone to who knows where. This is sad for all those genuine Muslims who don’t hate the evil Westerners. They cop the flack.

Lastly, this article is not exactly ground breaking news. It’s more of a realisation by the writer that this is what most Aussies have been saying for a long time.

Words for today: Better late that never.

More to come, same blog time, same blog channel.

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