Posted by: Bruce | March 19, 2011

Awaba Waste Disposal Site, a Carbon Tax and a load of garbage.

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If the powers that be, in government, just tried to explain in basic terms why we are going to be taxed like crazy again, us poor voters might not be so pissed off with them. By them I mean the PM Jules Gillard and the solid shadow, Bob Brown the Green Man.

For those who might want to learn a little more here is a link which helps us ordinary folk to a better level of understanding.

That doesn’t mean we want or need it, it just might help to understand why it will cost us more to dump our rubbish at our local tip. This Carbon Tax will be bigger than Ben Hur and twice as stinky. Think of a Carbon GST and we are on the right track.

No matter which way the Pollies dress it up, the final cost will be met by the voters wallets. Like I said, this will be super stinky and it’s on its way.

Word for today: Carbon Tax (actually 2 words)  = super stinky, really stinky.

More to come; same blog time, same blog channel.


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