Posted by: Bruce | March 14, 2011

A Carbon Tax and an E.T.S. – Jules Gillard Browned off and turning green.

I wish I understood why a carbon tax and an emissions trading scheme is the way to go to save the world.

If only the Pollies wouldn’t act like idiots by treating us as idiots. Fancy saying it’s the polluters who will pay. Come on, give us a break. Like most financial matters the costs are subject to Financial Gravity (Patent Pending on this term) and stop at the bottom; our wallets and purses.

There is no doubt in my average mind that we humans have crapped in our own nest, this world, for a long time; as such there is some serious cleaning up to do. But is urgently taxing the hell out of everyone the answer?

Previous PM John Howard (Lib) agreed with addressing the pollution problem but would not be rushed. I thought there must be some merit in this approach because he copped a lot of electoral flack for maintaining his stance. Why the huge rush now? It can’t be for popularity amongst voters that’s for sure.

What I do know is this; Bob Brown, our clayton PM, is turning Jules the PM green  by his own Trading Emissions Scheme. Something stinky here.

Drops another clanger.

Words for today;   Greening Jules with a change of wind.

More to come; same blog time, same blog channel.

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