Posted by: Bruce | January 30, 2011

Australia Day 2011 – Flags, swearing and don’t let sleeping dogs lie.

Hot and muggy, Australia Day 2011, pretty usual weather wise. Towards late afternoon I went for a walk. Families in parks, swimming, bbq’s, cars with the Aussie flag.

Off to the waters edge and lots of boats out with our flag flying in the warm wind. I picked a comfy rock, sat and watched for a while. I thought of Australia at this moment and knew, like most of us, that it’s a great place to live; I also wondered how many would get themselves legless this day and spend a fair time with their head in a dunny.

This last deep thought of mine was interrupted by the appearance of a boat flying a flag or two. It got my attention and figured the crew were enjoying their Australia Day. I took a happy snap and this is it.


Seeing this display of flags prompted a few thoughts and images for this day. I pictured swearing in ceremonies around the country for those who have decided to call Australia, home. I fleetingly thought of the same thing happening in other countries on their days of celebration. I wondered what it would be like, leaving your own country and setting up home here.

A person could do worse I figured and like most of us I hope Australia stays Australian in a realistic kind of way. After all, that is why most people come here and I don’t want it to change very much at all. Having said that, immigration certainly gives us great people and as the saying goes; variety is the spice of life.

I then, tried not to but did anyway, thought of the USA and 9/11, of the suicide bombing of the airport in Russia, of the bombings in London and the attempts to kill at Holsworthy Army base, Sydney. In Parramatta recently a seminar calling for Sharia Law to be introduced in Australia, this religious law that allows for the stoning to death of people. This for Australia? I cynically wondered how many who have now become citizens will think ‘good, now I can’t be deported when I do something really bad’.

I wondered, how many ‘sleepers’, if any, are amongst those happily becoming an Aussie. This isn’t far fetched at all. The events of 9/11 in the USA exposed those ‘fellow Americans’ who lived the lie and betrayed those closest to them. They waited years to kill and maim as many as they could without a thought. I wondered why some people hate us ‘Westerners’ so much; what did we do to earn such hatred?

So much for a little time out. As I watched the boat disappear I realised that terrorists, these brain-dead purveyors of hate, these traitors of humanity, get to me more than I like. Let’s hope that ‘sleeping’ dogs are watched very closely while they lie. That way, Australia can still be the country that our new Aussies have decided to call home.

Words for today:   Home:  Australia for me.

More to come; same blog time, same blog channel.

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