Posted by: Bruce | January 11, 2011

Eraring midnight fire sale – a Powerware Party, invitation only.

Greg Piper MP

A very recent article in the Lakes Mail by David Quick got my attention. His article is okay, it’s the subject that rubs me the wrong way. By this I mean the players in this partial sell off of our power industry and this load of crap NSW voters are expected to swallow.

Mr Piper is quoted in the paper as questioning the motives of the Keneally government in going through with a clearly unpopular power sale deal and risking losing the next election. What? I mean pardon?

One thing I’ve learned about the parties when in or out of government; when they want to do something, they have tunnel vision, play politics to display consultancy, then go ahead and do want they want anyway. The NSW Gov’t almost lost the last election, faltering on the proposed privatisation of the power industry. We were told it’s off the agenda.

They lied. It never left and the little midnight Powerware Party went ahead attended by those in the click. Some attendees were miffed, they left and their seats (still warm) claimed by others.

Morris Iemma left us with his parting claim to fame; a desal plant funded by the taxpayer forever. He said he would do it under certain conditions; they didn’t eventuate but he went ahead anyway. Thanks Mirrors.

Premier Keneally

The election Mr Piper is talking of will most likely be a non event, he knows it as most NSW voters do. Premier Keneally knows it and perhaps it is a desperate grab for money to make promises that won’t be fulfilled.  I don’t think so. Only the Premier knows and she is trying not to tell.

Me, I’m just an average mug but this has all the hallmarks of a strange consent between Liberal and Labour. Whatever the agreement, I reckon the Liberal party was going to sell off the Power Industry as well but this way, a government going out of power makes an unpopular decision which certainly won’t help or change the election outcome, and the ball is rolling. In this case the start of privatisation of the power industry.

A Google image

If no one agrees with the far fetched ‘done deal’ bit; consider this. In March we go to the polls to confirm the results already in. That is, Labour will be thrown out on their ear as they deserve to be and Barry O’Farrell  will slide into power no wuckers.

The scary thing is; the Libs don’t deserve it either. They have been pathetic for years and still are. They have displayed it right to the end. Example?

If they weren’t privy and party to this partial sell off of the power industry then that means the Labour Government, led by Prem. Keneally, managed to pull this off without a whisper in the wrong ear.

How is it that the Opposition, led by Mr O’Farrell, knew nothing of it? If they did, why didn’t they blow the whistle and get the attention it is getting now? This is the man and party who would and will be our next Premier and government. Scary stuff.

New chant? Keep Keneally, Keep Keneally, Keep Keneally?

The questions asked by Mr Piper all sound reasonable, but a bit late. Did he know nothing as well? Did the Keneally Government manage to get this through without anyone but themselves knowing? Seems so.

I can only say that this display of complete ineptitude by Barry O’Farrells Opposition has washed away any hope that the Keneally Government would be replaced by fresh blood and efficiency. Look out Newcastle station!

Word for today: Bored; the feeling of sameness.

More to come, same blog time, same blog channel.

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