Posted by: Bruce | January 10, 2011

Family tradition – Teach your children well.

On the last Wednesday of 2010 I called in at a quiet little place called Dora Creek, outside of Newcastle, Australia. Its a village, or suburb, on Dora Creek which runs into Lake Macquarie, NSW. I was on the lookout for a pharmacy and found one in this little lot of shops.

Getting out of my car I could hear some loud yelling, swearing in fact, and figured it was coming from a white sedan parked as per my incredible drawing ( a visual re-enactment if you will). A woman was standing at the front passenger window and getting a real mouthfull from a guy sitting on his bum. She looked like the errand woman; a mother, wife, girlfriend, sister?

Whatever was happening; he wasn’t happy. It was F..k this and F..k that and arsehole this and arsehole that and sh.t this and sh.t that and if they can’t do this they can shove it up their F…..g arse. He was loud and he didn’t give a rats; the woman, maybe the object of his temper, I don’t really know.

What I do know is that I noticed two kids standing at the car as well, a boy and a girl. They were around the 10-13yr mark and stood, looking bored, while this foul mouthed, big noter carried on with his big tough swearing and bullying and made everyone else around him look like saints in comparison. Wonder what it’s like at home?

I headed across the street into the pharmacy; the sponge for the abuse next to me at the counter trying to buy some medication. She sounded well spoken and timid.

As I crossed the road back to my car I checked the car and vaguely made out a guy with dark hair and beard. Some other bloke behind the wheel. The reflections on the screen didn’t help. Not that I was going to stare anyway; I wouldn’t just cop abuse, I’d probably get knifed in this age of gutless wonders.

I felt sorry for the woman, I especially felt sorry and angry for the kids. As a man, or role model; this guy was about as impressive as a dog turd on the soul of your shoe.

Word for today: Cycle; a repetitious event.

More to come; same blog time, same blog channel.

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