Posted by: Bruce | December 15, 2010

Power to the people? – In Hong Kong, not NSW

en:Morris Iemma at the 2007 NSW state election...

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Morris Iemma, a previous premier of the NSW Labour Gov’t, said during our water crisis that if the water levels in Warragamba Dam fell below 30% he would build a water de-salinisation plant in Sydney.

Mirrors Iemma (always looking into things) decided 33% was enough and built the bloody white elephant anyway. Besides, he was the Premier so stuff everyone else.

Will he be proven a sooth-sayer?or will we all just say thanks a lot you big drip.

Now we have Kristina Keneally and her Government suddenly announcing a sell off, or partial privatisation of the electricity supply industry owned by the taxpayer. Didn’t they lose a leader back when  it was being shown to Chinese interests? So where did this stuff spring from?

 The State Opposition (Gov’t in waiting) are now sprouting that an inquiry should be held. Sounds like a good idea. Barry O’Farrell also, almost giving a direct statement, says that if elected his government will reverse or cancel the deal.

Let’s just wait and see. Over the years there has been many an unpopular decision made by one party to the benefit of another. O’Farrells statements stink of insincerity with a smattering of prevarication.

The question is; where has the Opposition been while this plan has been hatching? Surely (and don’t call me Shirley) the Opposition must have known about this plan otherwise what the hell are they doing in Opposition?

This reminds me of Bob Hawkes rise to Prime Ministership on the back of high petrol prices imposed by the Fraser Liberal government (Oil Parity pricing, remember?).  A promise to restore petrol price happiness helped Hawke float in to government and in return he knocked just a couple of cents off a litre for us poor muggins.

So who’s bright idea gets the vote next March?

Word for today; Power = powerless

More to come; same blog time, same blog channel.


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