Posted by: Bruce | September 26, 2010

Kick Boxing – Why?

school of kick boxing

Image by Shira Golding via Flickr

Some months ago I watched a documentary on an Asian country which featured a part of its sporting culture, kick boxing. This was taught to young, desperate kids like any other sport and they could progress through the age rankings trying to make money and a name for themselves; if they survived. I’d never seen this before and felt sorry for these kids. A smashed face from a kick is a tough way to feed yourself.

Since then I have seen some ads on telly for various up and coming bouts and the pics to go with them. A fighter on one knee trying to cover his face as his opponents knee smashes his already bleeding face; was a particularly effective image to show off kickboxing. I didn’t know we actually had full contact kickboxing here.

I’ve found that here is a sport that really turns me off, that something is fundamentally wrong by being able to kick someones head in.

For the record; I’m not questioning the fitness, the skills, the courage, the discipline, that it would take to enter the ring and fight by kickboxing.  I think that training in martial arts such as kickboxing is pretty good stuff and could serve a person well if they had to defend themselves in a real life situation of dangerA Flickr image

But as a sport where the idea is to get in the ring and do the damage to win?

Maybe I’m just going soft as I get older so I sounded out my son (18) and a couple of his mates (they’d had a scrap or two amongst them) and found that they thought it off as well.

What’s the word? Reconcile. That’s it. I can’t reconcile the genuine toughness, discipline and skills I mentioned above with putting a knee into someones face while they are down, by kicking them in the head and face when they are already dazed and their knees are on the canvas.

A Flickr imageWhen I grew up, a fighter, a clean fighter didn’t kick anybody, certainly not when they were down. Just because it happens in a ring doesn’t make it right; worse if anything. The potential for extreme damage is obvious. What’s the point of boxing gloves and next to nothing on the feet?

I don’t get it.

A Flickr image

If spear tackles are illegal in League and Union, why is head kicking okay?

Word for today:             Why?

More to come;      same blog time, same blog channel.

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