Posted by: Bruce | August 27, 2010

Paul Hogan – The Ginger Bread Man, ‘owes tax office $150m’.

Paul Hogan

Image by robinmcnicoll via Flickr

I remember a few years back, a short news clip of Paul Hogan in the USA. The subject was about the Australian Tax Office and money he allegedly owes. His cameo appearance faded along the lines of  ‘they can’t catch me’.

Blunder Downunder; The Ginger Bread Man has been caught on his old home ground.

Good bloke or not, the comments from his representatives smack of condescension. Doesn’t help the image of the Ginger Bread Man.

In keeping with a government department and taxes, the ATO’s timing is completely objective.

Paul Hogan came to Australia for his mothers funeral. Respects to Paul Hogan and his family.

via Paul Hogan ‘owes tax office $150m’.

Word for today: Life; an imbroglio on occasions.

More to come; same blog time, same blog channel. 



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