Posted by: Bruce | August 16, 2010

A Burning Hypocrisy – Dove World Outreach Centre.

Having recently posted an article or two on Westboro Baptist Cult, oops, church (WBC) the next thing that caught my eye was a news article on a mob called Dove World Outreach Centre (DWOC). They are going to do some burning of Korans on 9/11. After reading the article I noticed a few similarities between DWOC and WBC.

I checked out their web site and sure enough, they have campaigned side by side with each other. I guess you could call them kissin first cousins. For those interested the link to DWOC web site is : .

This face is on the home page and is of Terry Jones, apparently Dr + Senior Pastor. I’d like to know whether the Dr stands for something real or is just window dressing. A Pastor is supposed to be a peaceful person leading his flock, so I wonder a little about this title. 

Perhaps this lot are similar to the WBC; that is, wolves in sheeps clothing or sheep being led by a wolf. Take your pick, probably both apply. I also noticed on the homepage a reference to Braveheart, a radio and video series where Jones struts his stuff.

In their blurb I am told that they are a New Testament religion for the rich and poor, young and old. They will be out there as they say, doing ‘Godly things’. Hmmmm.

Originally started by (Dr) Don Northrup in 1986 (died 1996) Mrs Delores Northrup is questioning the direction the DWOC is taking, away from that started by her husband.

A recent protest has signs like these targetting a gay mayor and Islamic religion. The only thing missing to match WBC is kids holding the signs and the word HATE splashed everywhere.

Is this, as they write, their Total Concept church? It would be interesting to see if this is what they teach in their DWOC Academy. Get ’em young and train ’em philosophy I suppose.

So they are anti gays and anti Islam. A book title is also on their home page. You can see from the title that it doesn’t favour Islamic religion. The person on the cover is wearing a burka, referred to as a ‘raccoon’ suit by Terry Jones in one of his Braveheart videos (Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble when you’re perfect in every way…..). I didn’t listen to much more Braveheart after the ‘raccoon suit’ comment but I heard enough to notice that his comments about Islamic religion echo some of the rumblings here in Australia.

And so to be fair, I’ll say that I have read a little about Sharia Law and there has been calls in Australia for introduction of some elements of this religious law to run parallel with Australian statute law. This has not been warmly received by those who may have spotted the occasional article on this subject and I’m one who, with my limited understanding of Sharia Law, is not in favour of this developement. But I’m not going out to burn a copy of the Koran! I think most Muslims are pretty usual kind of people just like me. As in any religion or cause there are extremists and they are the worry. Terry Jones is acting like an extremist by advocating the burning of Korans on 9/11. All he is going to do is incite those extremists; you know, the ones who swear death to anyone who insults their religion. Will Jones take responsibility if some whacko decides to kill in retaliation for Koran burning?

I can’t stand holier than thou people when it comes to religion and I don’t comprehend people who want to kill people for insulting their religion. They must be very insecure, narrow minded and hypocritical in their beliefs to go to such extremes. That’s why they’re called extremists I guess. What would Jones say if a Muslim Cleric called for a Burn the Bible day? It’s almost schoolyard behaviour but can have ugly consequences. All he’ll do is insult most of the ordinary Muslims who aren’t into extremist actions.

I wonder if this lot (DWOC) have a branch in Australia? Hope not; we have enough weird ‘religious’ groups now.

The building of a mosque near Ground Zero seems to be a pretty hot topic and President Obama’s comments have to smooth a lot of bumps. Just not possible I think. . In this article he mentions one thing which is hard to ignore; Al-Qaeda has killed more Muslims than people from any other religion.

Jones is doing the same thing he preaches against in his Braveheart video. That is, Islam being a religion run by men. If he leads his flock, if he orchestrates this Koran burning, he is a male determining the direction of all. Are there any religions run by women?

The horror of Ground Zero seems inappropriate for DWOC publicity stunts.

A dove is an international symbol of peace; world means worldly, outreach means to reach out and spread the word of this Centre; to bad that the actions and practices of DWOC make a mockery of their own name.

Word for today: Hypocrisy; the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion.

More to come; same blog time, same blog channel.


  1. They also want full use of the N-word, without reprisal.


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