Posted by: Bruce | July 19, 2010

Lady Gaga goes gaga at Westboro Baptist Church.

Fancy that. The cute little Culties from Westboro Baptist Church are at it again. Too bad this wasn’t in my previous post about this bunch of holier than thou hypocrites. Fred Phelps must be sittin’ happy in Topeka, Kansas knowing all his mindless followers are keeping him infamous. And although I’m an Aussie, I guess this is some of what the 1st Amendment is all about too?

You have to be fair though; just as others are born into this world with different qualities shall we say, so too are the Culties from Westboro Baptist Church. They were born to hate, and just hide behind selective Bible readings to justify their own existence. They couldn’t really have been like this when they were toddlers? Could they?

Lady Gaga has run the gauntlet and outclassed the Culties, despite the fact that the WBC Clanies deserve what they give (except the little kids). The link will take you to the news story.

When I read of groups like the Westboro Baptist Church, I can’t help thinking of this mistake to the left.

Was he born that way too? Seems so.

How the W.B.C. Clanies must love this guy. Hitler wanted a perfect race (despite the irony of his own existence) just as they do.

They just don’t realise that they too are imperfections in their own Cultie way.

Word for today: A cult in time saves nine.

More to come: same blog time perhaps, same blog channel.


  1. The trouble with fundies is that they try to impose external morality on others while harboring a mass of smelly stuff in their own unobserved and uncontemplated closets.


    • Hi LadyGagawig, I’m with you. In my previous post on the same mob (11 July) I mentioned that very point but I like your description. The trouble with extremist cults like these is that they will never read such great adjectives. By the way, is fundies short for fundamentalists? I haven’t seen that term before. Thanks for visiting. William.


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