Posted by: Bruce | July 11, 2010

A Cult is still a Cult by any other name – Westboro Baptist Church.

Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble, living the Westboro Baptist Church way;

We try not to look in the mirror, we’re becoming more wholesome each day;

To know us is to love us, we must be a hell of a clan;

Oh Lord it’s great to be humble, and we hate everyone else if we can.

There we go, a little jingle to get in the mood. Credit for the basis (not the content) of this catchy little number, I believe, goes to Mac Davis.

Recently I caught the 20/20 show from ABC America about Westboro Baptist Church (WBC). Church? Really? Despite being left amazed in a bad kind of way by these people, curiousity moved me enough to check out this lovely lot, hopefully not dignifying their cause in doing so. The kids in the footage were the real reason for looking. I always feel really sorry for the kids in these cults; they have a short window of opportunity before they become brainwashed and live as they’re told.

I searched for Westboro Baptist Church and found,  their home page. What a start. ‘Welcome depraved Sons and Daughters of Adam’. An insult on arrival. With morbid trepidation I looked around, expecting my cursor to be attacked any second for not being good enough.  A helpful lot I guess, with usual site facilities. You can use any visual material for whatever purpose but just don’t say anything bad to them, no insults, no disparaging comments;  it’s one way insults only. Strangely, much of the writings seemed to be done by a young person, perhaps early teens, around 14 to 15 yrs of age. The childlike style perhaps revealing how they were vulnerable in the first place. The ‘Holier than Thou’ attitude and arrogancy, dripping from most pages. I felt a little grubby after checking this site, so be warned; you may need a shower or at least flush your eyes later.

Short note: My dictionary, Websters Seventh New Collegiate, defines fag;  to work hard, to tire by strenuous activity, toil, drudgery, an English public school boy who acts as servant to another, cigarette. Even though I’ve had it for 37 years, it is not as old as the Founder of this group. Does God hate hard workers? Does God hate? Not in my Sunday School lessons as a kid.

Courtesy of themselves, this is a photo of their fearless leader Fred Phelps, a disbarred lawyer around 80yrs of age in Topeka, Kansas. You can read all about how great he is, this mighty example of humanity. Somewhere along the way he had a vision or something (aberration?) and kicked off this group.

He didn’t want to join the K.K.K. or White Supremacists I guess. Maybe he wanted to be the head honcho and have minions serving under him. Who knows? The serpent of hate had its head, just needed to grow a body. With plenty around like him, no problem.

The WBC people do me one favour though; they annoy the hell out of me with their holier than thou attitude and preaching. I should be a slightly better person for losing some hell. They seriously think all others are below them. In their Memo on the Church it states they all worship together, not like other churches and organisations. And these other churches and people like Billy Graham have no authority from God Almighty to speak for him or even exist. Sweet.

Are there hate laws in the USA? Seems pretty weird that this lot can advertise their hate like this.

Do people still pay money to be a passenger on this bus? I guess if no other buses are available then the choice is limited. How can hate on the move be good for business?

Holier than thou type persons always worry me. Bet if they looked really closely they’d have some of the ones they hate in their ranks. What better place to hide than in the middle of a posse? Like pedophile ‘priests’ closeted in their church. Who would suspect them? Me. I also think they have serious anger and intolerance issues and hide behind their selective Bible readings, teachings and preachings to try and coat themselves with credibility and respectability when spitting them out.

I digress. The children factor started me. If you call this lot a cult, I guess so too can other religions, groups etc be called cults. They all have their followers and strong believers. WBC to me though are extremists, terrorists. Their kids are moulded like suicide bombers. If I asked them why they do what they do; they would wonder why I’d ask such a question. A huge chasm of non comprehension would open up and swallow us. When their own children don’t blindly follow, they boot them out, cut off the family love, disown them. How sweet and wholesome. How hypocritical and weak!

You can’t blame the kids doing what they’re doing. They learned this from their parents and fearless leader Fred Phelps.

These kids will be the next generation WBC. Good solid family traditions of intolerance and hate, passed down by parents and drilled into the kids.

The Boaz family featured in the 20/20 show did manage to produce a good mind in one of their children though. Lauren Boaz, now 24, dared to question the integrity and actions of the Westboro Baptist Church. Her reward was to be disowned after the Church and family voted her out.

It’s unlikely that Lauren Boaz will read this but I would like to state that I greatly admire her courage and conviction. She didn’t like the Church’s methods and messages and paid a heavy penalty for daring to have a mind of her own. I hope my own kids grow up with an independent mind like Lauren Boaz and make their own decisions on what is right and wrong. I don’t really care about the adults of WBC and what they believe; as long as they don’t hurt anyone; it’s the kids I feel sorry for. How hard was it for Lauren to be set adrift on her own devices? If that was part of the plan to induce compliance with the Church, it didn’t work. I wish her well.

Another ex-child of the WBC, this time Nate Phelps; son of the fearless and purer than driven snow leader, Fred Phelps. Nate Phelps talks of brutality and abuse by his father. He and his siblings beaten with whips, mattock handles and fists: How many other stories like this?

I just can’t go past the comparison of people like those of Westboro Baptist Church and Adolf Hitler. He wanted a perfect race of people. Blond haired and blue eyed too I think. Must not have mattered that his hair was not blonde, he must have thought he was perfect enough as he was.

What do the people of WBC think when they go to bed at night, when all is quiet, alone with their thoughts? Are there any doubts or just the satisfaction of being perfectly humble?

Followers of Westboro Baptist Church should just be content to curl up in their Snuggie Originals, read some history and not produce any Hitlers of the future.

WORD for TODAY: Hypocrite….one who affects virtues or qualities he does not have.

More to come: same blog time, same blog channel.


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