Posted by: Bruce | May 5, 2010

A Choice – Death with dignity.

Not much of a choice when it comes down to it. Most of us would choose euthanasia (easy death) if we were able.

In the context of terminal illness, continual suffering or zero quality of life,  most countries prohibit choice for a peaceful exit from this mortal life.

On 29/4/10 I posted Euthanasia the Soylent Green Way. In the film Soylent Green, euthanasia is touched upon in a way that appeals to the humane approach to dying.

In news reports, the following two articles deal with the actions of a very courageous woman, Margaret Page of New Zealand. The first link is of her success in legally being able to starve herself to death; the second link reports her determination to do things her way.

This can’t be right; to ‘win’ the right to starve yourself to death.

Some countries do have provisions for death with dignity (assisted suicide); the Northern Territory of Australia allowed assisted suicide for a while but this was stopped.

A referendum probably wouldn’t produce any surprises as to the wishes of most. The subject should at least be on the table.

I found this site recently and will check it out in the near future (Dying with Dignity).

Word for today: DIGNITY: the quality or state of being worthy, honoured or esteemed.

More to come: same blog time, same blog channel.


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