Posted by: Bruce | March 31, 2010

John Brumby, Victoria’s Premier; Won’t say d..khead.

The Victorian Government (Australia) is conducting a road safety campaign targetting younger drivers. Great intention but poorly executed. I refer to their choice of language and actions in a video or two. If it only hit the target, then not a big problem.

John Brumby

John Brumby won’t say dickhead in public, but what’s the internet?

My concern is that everyone will be able to see it. How many parents have had their young kids ask “what’s premature ejaculation?” (a radio ad in my neck of the woods). Now they will say “What’s a dickhead? And why is that girl sticking her finger in the air?”. Talk about breeding culture change.

Victorian taxpayers are footing the bill for poor content in unimaginative advertising. Little kids will use a word okayed by grown ups, smash a screen and give us the bird when we whinge.

Words for today: Drawing board; go back to it.

More to come; same blog time, same blog channel. 


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