Posted by: Bruce | March 14, 2010

A Gentleman Never Tells – Brendan Fevola?

The cast of this Australian drama in real life:

-Womans Day magazine, publishers of a nude photo of Lara Bingle.
-Brendan Fevola, married footy player, nude photo taker and alleged distributor of said photo. This photo apparently taken within the confines of a ‘relationship’ outside of his marriage.
-Lara Bingle, model, the subject of this photo, and pretty young at the time of said photo, now not engaged to….
-Michael Clarke, cricketer extraordinairre, for Australia.

Commenting on this story became inevitable for me;

I’m sorry that Lara Bingle and Michael Clarke are no longer engaged. I hope it wasn’t all due to her history with Brendan Fevola, but that is their business.

Wouldn’t publishing such a photo be illegal? If so, the police should be able to settle the question as to who supplied the photo. Wouldn’t that be good.

A gentleman never tells: If Fevola took and distributed this photo then he certainly doesn’t fit the title of gentleman. He certainly would not possess any class whatsoever.

So far it seems Fevola is enjoying the publicity. Lara Bingle and Michael Clarke are under the microscope for all to see. Lara Bingles’ private past in the public arena.

It’s amazing to see the number of people accusing Lara Bingle of being a homewrecker and heaping the blame on her.

Don’t forget that Fevola was married at the time. If he still is, fine. If not; won’t be too many women lining up in case their intimate moments become public record.

Publicity for Fevola, misery for Lara Bingle and Michael Clarke. Not a fair (ytale)ending.

Totally irrelevant word for today: Homewrecker: Oops, doesn’t exist. Has to be plural. Homewreckers; It takes two to tango.

More to come; same blog time, same blog channel.


  1. I think that you can not ignore the fact that Bingle and Clarke have been making so much of their relationship public via Twitter and to my mind this blurs the line between private and public. As for that photo I think that compared to the shots of Brittany Spears flashing her naked girlie bits as she got out of that car sans under wear it is hardly a big deal at all


    • I probably go along with all that stuff you have mentioned. I don’t really follow Bingle and Clarke, apart from the cricket that is! I blogged because I think guys who kiss and tell (and women who kiss and tell) are like money hungry school kids with absolutely no class. My comment on the photo (I hadn’t actually seen it until I saw your blog – like you said, not much to worry about) was in response to a legal opinion offered on misuse of the photo. The legal begals omitted the magazine that printed the article. The magazine of course would benefit from the publicity and extra sales.
      Regards, I’ll be watching.


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