Posted by: Bruce | February 22, 2010

Naked Bishop angers Australian country town.

Residents of small rural town, Elaine, bummed by bare bummed Bishop. He struts his stuff in his birthday suit or pjarmy top. He powders his butt for all to see and induces vomiting in others. A talcolm powdered butt bizarrely blattering over the blower baffles Bishop boffins. Here’s a case of “suffer the little children to come unto me”. Is this Powder Puff Bishop for real? Bishop to Knight has to be the answer; harder to see in the dark!


barebottombishop geelongadvertiser

More national news:

Residents of a small town in rural Victoria are seeking an intervention order against their local bishop, claiming he has been regularly appearing naked on his verandah and making prank phone calls to his neighbours.
Bishop Roderick Gow — who is known to locals as the ‘bare-bottom bishop’ — was videotaped walking naked outside his house in the town of Elaine, near Ballarat in a report aired on A Current Affair.
Locals have applied for intervention orders against Bishop Gow, citing regular morning nude appearances in which the bishop allegedly powders his backside with talcum powder in full view of his neighbours.
“What bishop would powder his bum out on the verandah?” one neighbour asked ACA reporter Martin King.
“It makes me want to vomit,” another resident said.
The bishop has also been accused of making prank phone calls to neighbours in which he offers good wishes, followed by “farting” sounds and insults.
Elaine resident Jimmy Connell, who has lived in the house across the road from bishop Gow for 79 years, said the nude appearances have become a regular occurrence. “A couple times I’ve seen him with nothing on [but] he’s generally got the pyjama top on and that’s it,” Mr Connell said.
Bishop Gow runs his own church in the town, but the Roman Catholic bishop in nearby Ballarat claims the alleged nudist has been shunned by the Catholic Church.
When A Current Affair approached Bishop Gow, he said he would not speak to the press until the intervention order was settled in court, adding: “The story I will give you will not be quite what you think it is.”


(I updated the image today, Sept 1, 2016. It seems the short video previously in this post, has expired somewhere along the line)

Word for today:      Scary;  causing fright, alarming.

More to come:      Same blog time, same blog channel.

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