Posted by: Bruce | January 17, 2010

Tiger Woods and Shane Warne – The Odd Couple

After Tiger Woods splintered a tree or two, a domino effect tumbled his other life bit by bit into the public arena. The unravelling seemed to start with records of text messages. Hard to believe.

At the time I commented to anyone who’d listen; Surely this bloke had heard of Shane Warne? A text book case of exposure by mobile phone. I wondered aloud if, later, Tiger Woods will trot out sexual addiction, as was floated in media arenas here in Australia for Shane Warne.

For the benefit of those who haven’t heard of Shane Warne: He’s a bit of a legend in Australian and International Cricket. Helped us Aussies dominate world cricket for quite a few years (now officially retired from Test cricket). Like Tiger Woods, married with children.

Warne was famous on field, limiting opposition scores by bowling  many maiden overs. He became just as famous off field for bowling  over many maidens.

Now it’s reported around the world that Tiger Woods has checked himself in to a facility in South Africa, to be treated for sexual addiction. He may have researched Warney after all. Nipping at his heals additional rumours that he has a pretty good swing both left and right.

A digression. Spare a thought for the ordinary men and women out there who get caught out cheating. Clandestine jet hopping overseas to seek treatment for sexual addiction just won’t be within everyones budget. An advantage though, will possibly arise in the future. Think of celebrities as test drivers in F1 motor racing, testing technologies that later filter through the industry to the ordinary motorist. If sexual addiction gets the nod, employment opportunities will arise for therapists and the ordinary folk won’t have far to travel for treatment. 

So who wants to be famous?  The pundits are saying things will be okay, come back and play. All will not be as it was but they are probably right. Examples to consider; Hugh Grant and Bill Clinton. Both well known around the world, both involved in the ancient but unofficial sport of tonsil hockey, both in the penalty box. Hugh Grant probably said “Sod it”, Bill Clinton perhaps “I’m feeling impeachy” (political speak for not peachy). They are both back out there doing their thing.

As with Shane Warne, Tiger Woods has taken on an unknown course.

Word for today: Consequence;  something produced by a cause or necessarily following from a set of conditions.

More to come: perhaps same blog time, but same blog channel.

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