Posted by: Bruce | January 12, 2010

It’s Wabbit Season, It’s Somali Pirates Season, It’s Wabbit Season……

The Pirates of Somalia (not Penzance) somehow really interest me. A little while ago I wrote about their continued existence and wondered how it is that they haven’t been blown out the water by now. You’d reckon it shouldn’t be too difficult for trained personnel on ships that would be targetted; let alone a navy or two.What is their immunity?

A short but sweet article I read in the Sunday paper, also reported in the ABC News, mentioned that another ship, Indonesian, was seized in the Gulf of Aden. Interesting? I guess.

The article then mentioned that the Pirates of Somalia apparently have a season for piracy in the Gulf of Aden. When the summer monsoon season ended 3 months ago they had the all clear. The Gulf of Aden (Garden of Eden?) becomes Somali Pirates season. That’s interesting.

We have naval commands around the place, satellite tracking, submarines and anything else you can think of. Yet these guys manage to bump their tug boats into the sides of enormous tankers and bring home the people and the bacon. And their hunting grounds and season is known. They apparently are holding approx. 12 ships and 270 seaman. Is their a motel that goes with this big marina?

What goes on here? Seems vewwy vewwy quiet.

Word for today: Piracy; robbery on the high seas.

More to come: maybe same blog time, but same blog channel.

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