Posted by: Bruce | January 7, 2010

Don’t LOL; LOQ, LS or LTM instead. Talk the Talk.

On most excellent authority the following text talk (already on the move) will soon be in all texting dictionaries.

There are only three (3) and they are a variation on LOL. They are a little tongue in cheek (so to speak), but I can see them working in different situations.

In no particular order they are as follows, although LOQ is a natural silly opposite to LOL;

loq  (laugh out quietly)

ls     (laugh silently)

ltm   (laugh to myself)

Think of getting messages at the opera (LOQ); in classrooms or other places of seriousness (LS); or a message sent perhaps indicating an internal reflection. Wow, that last one was a little deep.

Anyway, there you go. Don’t ask me to reveal my sources. I’m sworn to secrecy.

Word for today – Communication; a verbal or written message.

More another day: Perhaps same blog time, but same blog channel.

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