Posted by: Bruce | December 31, 2009

Baby in capsule assaulted by father: a hero emerges

On 27/12/09, in the suburb of Blacktown, Sydney (Aus), a father was spotted hitting his child repeatedly while driving. The child was restrained in a baby capsule at the time.

A witness called police and the 23yr old father was pulled over by NSW Police a few kilometres away. He is to appear in Blacktown local Court on 6/1/10.

The above was reported on the news. What can I say about the father that hasn’t already been said. Probably nothing. I hope the little trooper is okay.

I actually just wanted to say something about (and to) the witness. A bit of a hero in my books.

Thank goodness you were there and did something about it. You deserve a medal because you became involved, became a friend when the infant needed one.

Not only were you sharp enough to get the details to give to Police, you have probably prevented future harm to this baby. If this is how the little one was treated in public, what might happen behind closed doors? You are now his/her best friend forever.

A word for today: Friend; One attached to another by affection or esteem.

More to come; perhaps same blog time, same blog channel.

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