Posted by: Bruce | December 18, 2009

Raped by Religion – Obscenity in Iranian Prisons. An opinion,mine.

This really can’t be true.Virgins raped in Iranian prisons after an enforced marriage and before execution?

Executed for having a political view?

Taking their virginity to prevent them from going to heaven?

Stoned to death as a means of execution?

On 5/12 and 7/12/09 I penned  a few lines following  the lashing of a Sudanese teenage girl. It looks like Iran provides another example of government and religion written by men, for men.

When I first heard this news I was only half listening. Some research later and I had trouble getting to sleep that night.

Where to start? Amnesty International and its sources appear to have known for a long time and is trying to change things. Their information making real, the laws and customs practiced in Iran right now. Iranian people themselves know and question what happens behind Iranian prison doors. That is such a great thing to know; they are people just like you and me.

Research and statistics show that Iranian men,subject to the same laws, are punished in lesser numbers and severity compared to Iranian women.

As an average person with an opinion, alone with my thoughts; I can only wonder and question (being very blunt and not politically correct);

Who wrote or interprets these laws? It had/has to be men.

There is not a single man on this earth that is pure. And I’m talking about men, not women.

To rape a virgin woman (or girl) after a forced marriage and before her execution to prevent her going to heaven;  What sort of twisted, hypocritical, illogical religious aberration is that?

What a mockery of wedding vows in the name of religion.

What arrogance for a man to decide whether someone goes to heaven?

To the men who rape these women. Don’t say you were doing your duty. You physically couldn’t do it if you didn’t want to. You are just rapists, plain and simple. You should be in prison, on the other side of the bars along with anyone else party to your sick actions.

How is it, that the religion in this country allows men to have multiple temporary wives but a woman cannot have multiple temporary husbands? I think this is called double standards, or in this case triple or quadruple standards.

How can the men think this is okay, to be so superior, to be so unequal, and naturally think the universe revolves around themselves? Such arrogance, it makes me feel embarrassed to be a man. I think the men in question are afraid of women.

When I lived in Sydney, my neighbourhood had a lot of Muslim residents. I remember one street in particular. When I walked though this typically Australian suburban street, I didn’t see a single anglo saxon person. That didn’t worry me. I did find it unsettling though, that I was stared at by most in an unfriendly manner. I felt that I was trespassing.

My neighbours though, were Muslim. I was invited to share the strong coffee with them on an occasion; served in the small cups. They were a really nice family and their kids were great. I guess people are different but the same.

When I pass a Muslim woman I’d like to say to her “I’m not better than you.” But of course I can’t, I don’t.

Stoning people to death (a method of execution).

Did you know it is stipulated in Islamic law that the stones are to be of a certain size for this aberation of human behaviour. Can you imagine being  a witness to this?

Who would have the stomach to do this? How much rage and hate (or no feelings whatsoever) must a person carry to be able to batter a persons face and head with stones until it is a mutilated mass of flesh, blood and bone? Is there more than one executioner? Do they grunt each time they throw a stone? What about the noise of the stone hitting the persons skull, their nose, their teeth, their eyes and ears, their jaws. What about the cries of the person being tortured this way? How long does it take? Isn’t religion something to do with humanity?

How could a person who stones someone to death or rapes a woman in prison imagine they would retain any trace of purity in themselves?

Religion and government by fear and retribution. Surely not by choice?

I don’t understand.

A word for today:  Imbroglio; an intricate or complicated situation; a confused or tangled mess.

More to come;  perhaps the same blog time, but same blog channel.

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