Posted by: Bruce | December 8, 2009

Malibu boats; Baby, You can Swear on them.

The lure plopped onto the water and I began my retrieve. From the creek edge I watched for movement around the lure, nothing. I did notice a noise in the distance though.

Gradually the general quiet of the creek was lost to the sound of music and this was from almost a kilometre away. As birds scattered (one cockatoo fainted and fell off its branch)  and leaves started to shimmer and shake, it all became clear to me.

Malibu wakeboarding - a Google imageA Malibu boat, with wakeboards attached, was responsible. With a sound system fit for a stadium including 200 or so speakers, the boat stunned everyone until it passed.

This was around 3 weeks ago, in a creek which runs off Lake Macquarie (Australia), a popular spot for water sports. Perhaps the crew of around four guys had already treated everyone on the lake to their music and now wanted to spread the joy, their coolness to the upper reaches of Dora Creek. It wasn’t my kind of music but each to their own. (I heard Abba have some good wakeboarding music). Anyway, they were enjoying themselves and good luck to them.

Their actions did smack a little of attention getters though. I reckon a flag with “Look at us” would have been flown if they had one. They were the proverbial “P” platers, cruising the main drag with windows down, volume and bass at max, eyes covertly scanning for impressed femme fatales.

Now to the reason for this post. The track being played could have been titled “F..k”. The words were loud and pretty clear. The ‘f’ word in particular was singularly clear each time for all to take in. Make no mistake, it was there for all but the deaf and it seemed a very long track.

Mums and Dads, boys and girls, grannies and gramps, perhaps a nun or two. All had their opportunity to wonder then confirm the ‘f’ word blasted to them.  I  saw a dog clear out with its tail between its legs. This track had lots of ‘f’ words.

Truly, the guys on the boat; mid twenties to early thirties should have known better, had at least half a brain. Giving no thought to anyone but themselves, they became morons, images of coolness gone in a trashy flash. Pure as the driven snow I’m not, but these guys were about as cultured as thirteen year olds smoking and swearing in shopping centre carparks.

A Malibu and a bunch of deadheads; not a good combination.

Word for today:    Respect; an act of giving particular attention, consideration.

More to come;      perhaps same blog time, but same blog channel.

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