Posted by: Bruce | November 23, 2009

Christmas Island Pool Party; (helmets optional)

Previously penned thoughts on asylum seekers/refugees heading to Australia,  summarised a few of my ‘for and against’ concerns.

In the news, reports of a brawl between Sri Lankans and Afghans leaving many injured, including the staff that are responsible for their safety. The detention centre on Christmas Island, not a place of sanctuary. Pool cues lined up to crack skulls.

My instant uncensored thoughts were; ‘Just great; they hated each other before they left their countries; they still hate each other and they will bring this to Australia with them’.

Genuine asylum seekers, refugees; no problems for me.

Those who hate ‘western countries’ but come here anyway, those who come here to harm others, those who bring their history of rivalry and bloodshed to be played out in Australia; big problems for me. Being a part of this pool party crowd, I don’t think so. 

More later; perhaps same blog time, but same blog channel.

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