Posted by: Bruce | November 19, 2009

John Travolta & Girls on Film (almost).

And now for a little John Travolta trivia from 1979 or possibly very early 1980. An event that no reporters witnessed; fortunately I did.

The location was Sydney, Australia; in particular the domestic airline terminal at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport.

John Travolta - Grease / a Google imageIn 1979  John Travolta arrived in Sydney (for film promotions I guess). It was rumoured that he was following Olivia Newton-John whom some days before had arrived in Australia via Melbourne. Films around this time, Grease, Xanadu; others will know more than I on the subject of films at that time.

His arrival was very low key (unlike now), expected only by some officials notified accordingly. As such, crowds were not an issue, he was hardly noticed in the International Terminal.

Olivia Newton John and John Travolta in 1978  movie " Grease" - a Google imageMyself and another colleague in law enforcement were given the task of escorting/safeguarding John Travolta until he boarded his connecting flight from the domestic terminal. (A tough job, but someone had to do it. We even had an introduction and handshake thrown in).

After waiting in a lounge there was a short walk to board the plane. It was at this point that he was spotted by 3  teenage girls around 15yrs of age. They appeared kind of speechless; one carried a small camera.

They managed to ask John if he would be okay with photos. He smiled, then as now, and posed with two of the girls, while the third (the owner of the camera) pressed the shutter. Two girls were happy.

The owner of the camera excitedly took her turn to pose with John. No click from the shutter, the last frame had been exposed. Disaster. I wanted to help, we all wanted to help, couldn’t.

Time was gone, the plane boarded and John Travolta winged away.

I often wonder about the young lady, who almost made it on film with John Travolta. I guess she has her own very clear picture of that day; just not in the format she hoped. It would be a great memory just the same.

More to come; perhaps same blog time, but same blog channel.



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