Posted by: Bruce | November 17, 2009

Cowards; Call and Convict them for what they are.

On 3/11/09 I wrote “King Hits?; I don’t think so.” I was trying to think of an appropriate name for the so called King Hit delivered by some low life to a unknowing victim. I also wrote” A big Kick for Cowards ” on 6/11/09, talking about the gutless and animalistic action of kicking someone, especially when they are down.

In a suburb of Sydney (Lidcombe) Australia, another sickening example of cowardice over the past weekend. A party is gatecrashed and police are summoned to help prevent the occasion from becoming a nightmare.

Two NSW Police Officers are injured. One of these officers was King Hit. He sustained 2 fractures to his jaw. When he fell to the ground he was kicked in the head. Another officer also hit in the face, required stitches.

There is no end of words available to describe the “people” who hammered the coppers. Gutless wonders, cowards, chickens, spineless, braindead; and so on. But I’m kind of speechless at the absolute nothingness in these excuses for human beings. How can they hate so much?

These pathetic examples of a man would probably be the first to call the coppers when they, the poor little diddems, were in trouble and might be hurt.

We all hope they are caught, publicly called for what they are and given the maximum sentence available for their crime. Do we just hear more of this kind of violence, or is this disease of cowardice catching?

I truly believe that an offence should carry an additional title if warranted.

In this case; Acting with Cowardice – Guilty. Won’t look good on their resume.

More to come; maybe same blog time, but same blog channel.

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