Posted by: Bruce | November 13, 2009

Oceanic Viking; Demands Float the Boat

Previously I expressed a few points, including those on the down side, about refugees seeking to enter Australia. The stand off on the Oceanic Viking anchored off Indonesia, the latest headliner.

The points I raised are not necessarily logical, fair or relevant. They can be annoyingly emotive.

I referred to queue jumping. It now appears that the Sri Lankans aboard the Oceanic Viking will be doing just that, jumping in front of those refugees already being assessed on Christmas Island and the like.

I mentioned the asylum seekers making demands, laying out conditions. I have to say that this really bugs me, despite the fact this may be illogical or unfair.

Nevertheless, making demands works. Achieving offers of rapid resettlement, walking over others in similar circumstance to get what they want.

This affects how I view their intentions once they become rapidly resettled. Will their actions set the pattern for how they will treat Australia in the future? Will they be checked thoroughly despite the demands?

I know each case is supposed to be assessed on its merit but at this stage I agree with Federal Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull. 

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd appears to have caved. What signal this sends to people smugglers and other asylum seekers on their way, those already held in centres, I don’t know.

This action doesn’t float my boat.

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