Posted by: Bruce | November 12, 2009

Asylum Seekers Indonesia; An Average Opinion from Australia.

Following my words on Asylum Seekers or Asylum Sneakers?, I’ve decided that there really is not much I can say. In the context of the Tamils afloat at Indonesia, a solution is apparently not simple, the opinions in articles educated, detailed and varied.

I guess this confirms for me that the subject of “boat people” is difficult and uncomfortable. If they were accepted immigrants to this country, there would be no headlines. But they are refugees, asylum seekers, boat people. Putting themselves and/or their families at risk on leaky boats, to pirates, to deportation; the list goes on.

As an average Australian, my thoughts are as follows:

There has always been refugees and will be in the future.

We must have the means to accommodate them, to help them resettle and become part of our Australian life.

On the down side, a few points; whether logical, cynical, or relevant, need to be mentioned.

-Their actions may be seen as queue jumping.
-Making demands may be understandable, but not received favourably.
-They managed to pay for their passage (what about the ones who couldn’t?).
-Are there undesirables amongst them?; (terrorists, criminals) as history shows occurs.
-Have they ditched their Identifications, Birth Certificates and the like to make it difficult to verify them and welcome them to this country?
-Will they be part of Australia, of us, or try and start their own country here?

I know that I would try to find a better life for myself or family if needed. I hope that the people we elected and employ can find the right solution to these and future refugees. It’s a big country, they are human beings.

More to come;; maybe same blog time, but same blog channel.

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