Posted by: Bruce | November 3, 2009

King Hits? I don’t think so; just a cowards punch.

In the news lately, in Sydney, Australia;  another guy involved is “king hit”. As a result, this poor guy strikes the ground with his head and dies. God it makes you mad to hear this.The victims family devastated. It happens a fair bit and makes you sick.

As a guy it also makes me mad because it doesn’t fit with how it was when I grew up. If you had a fight, then let it be a fair fight. You didn’t hit someone when they weren’t looking. You didn’t kick them when they were on the ground. You gave them a chance to get back up if they still wanted to continue. If the fight was finished, more often than not, the fighters shook hands and went on their way.

Why the punch delivered is called a King Hit, I’ll never know. The damage done can be terrible, but it is only delivered by cowards; gutless wonders who can’t cut it in a fair fight.

If the hit has to have a name perhaps it could be a Lowie Hit or Gutterpunch or Cowards Punch. Any suggestions? I’m not trying to be funny.

But King Hit, I don’t think so.

More on the subject of violence coming;  same blog time, but same blog channel.


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