Posted by: Bruce | October 30, 2009

Polanski, Roamin or Runnin’

Roman Polanski, aptly named as his lifestyle away from America displays. I don’t know this guy, my ( and lots of others) attention drawn to him for all the wrong reasons. I’ve probably watched a movie or two of his and they have probably been great.

What I do know is that apparently he is a convicted criminal and ran away to avoid paying for his crime. He has lived his life to date in a manner intended to avoid his recapture and face up to his past. It’s a good cold case file alive and kicking.

I find it amazing that others in his profession are putting their name up in lights supporting this guy. You would have to question their credibility for this action wouldn’t you? Fancy signing a petition saying leave this guy alone. What about the crime of which he was found guilty? What about the victim? I wonder if Roamin’ Polanski (or his colleagues) had a daughter of 13yrs treated the same way, whether they would say let’s let bygones be begones. Come on.

Fancy thinking he is above what we are; that he should be treated differently. Has he even apologised? He may be good at his job but that doesn’t make him a good person. The arrogance of him (and his colleagues) is unbelievable. Time to act like a man.

There will be further on this, perhaps same blog time, but definitely same blog channel.


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