Whichever way I look at it, the tragedy of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 can only be attributed to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He is responsible for the invasion of Ukraine, and for whatever happens following this invasion.

President Putin is shaping up as a war monger who doesn’t give a stuff about anything but his own agenda.

Doesn’t Russia keep a seat shiny in the United Nations Security Council? There’s some strange irony.

It would be great to know what an everyday Russian thinks about the Ukraine invasion and its consequences. Is reality very different from the news that we get? Is President Putin popular or feared?

Is an average Russian able to speak out or is speaking freely a difficult thing to do?

MH17. Image telegraph.co.uk

Word for today;    Dangerous – Russian President Putin

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Posted by: Bruce | July 17, 2014

Wangi Wangi, Lake Macquarie – images.

As I had trouble putting words together for my last blog entry, I figured some photos, from around Wangi Wangi, Myuna Bay, and Lake Macquarie State Conservation Area, might be of interest to some.

Not many words are necessary for this, but two subjects deserve a special mention. Serious, heady stuff really.

The first is a photo of a small yellow fruity thing on a bush of sorts. Now the point of interest here is that I think this plant is a new discovery. I only noticed a thousand or so hanging around. Therefore, unless told otherwise, I’m naming it the Mellow Yellow, wround (pronounced wround) Wangi wonder nut. I think fruit bats eat them.

The second (3 photos) is of a tree, a structure upon the tree, and animals within this structure.

The tree is pretty tall, I could hardly see the top. If pushed to estimate the height I’d say somewhere around one(1) kilometer give or take a meter. Many will disagree with me on this but, unless I can be convinced that the tree is taller than 1.0 kilometer, my conservative estimate stands.

Running all over this tree like varicose veins are what I thought might be tracks. I carefully rubbed away a small section (did I hear ‘the sky is falling?’) and found that these structures are kind of surface tunnels, a covered highway if you will, and busy in this tunnel are lots of little bugs. It must take them forever to get to the top. If anyone knows the type of insect shown in the photo, please let me know. They repaired the damaged  roof section by the next day.

That’s it. The moral of the second story is; don’t scratch your back on tree veins.

Just a click on any pic will quickly present all images enlarged for easy viewing.

Words for today;    Images – there for the taking.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel

Posted by: Bruce | June 24, 2014

A different God in Sudan? Maybe not.

Meriam Yahya Ibrahim Ishag.

Meriam Ishag - image by thetimes.co.ukThis is a name which belongs to a real person, a woman who has been sentenced to death by hanging for having committed apostasy; that is, abandoning her religion (Islam). She is also sentenced to 100 lashes for committing adultery by living with a Christian man; despite being married (legally) to him. Ishag states she is, and has always been, a Christian.

Ishag (27), is imprisoned in Sudan with her two children; one around 20 mths and a newborn which, with her legs in chains, she delivered in jail around a month ago. Chained when giving birth?

Meriam Ishag is contesting this conviction and sentence by the courts of Sudan; I hope she wins this fight for her life.

Apparently the death sentence is in breach of Sudan’s own Constitution and international human rights obligations.

If I understand correctly; a Muslim in Sudan (north) can be executed if they don’t want to be a Muslim anymore. Whether the choice is to have no religion at all or convert to another religion, appears to be beside the point. Apostasy, abandoning Islam, is punishable by death according to Sudan’s interpretation of Sharia law. Any man, woman or child born a Muslim can be nothing else.

The meaning of The Holy Quran - NoNeg imageSharia law also provides for the stoning to death of a person who commits adultery and cutting off the right hand of those found guilty of stealing. Both sickening, inhumane and incomprehensible punishments that still occur in more than one country.

If God created all, including the President of Sudan and the Judge who convicted her, then he also created Meriam Ishag.

And isn’t God about wisdom, compassion, patience, tolerance, kindness, guidance, peace, forgiveness, mercy and everything that is good?

If so, then what is happening here? Only humans can be so cruel.


It’s taken forever to write my few words above. I had so much to say but couldn’t put it together. In either case, before I finished; almost some good headlines for a change…..

Tuesday June 24, 2014;

It is reported that M/s Ishag has been released from prison.


Further info provided shows that Ishag with her husband and kids taken into some kind of custody at Khartoum Airport!



Word for today;      Religion   –    I’m almost speechless.

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel


Around 4.15 pm this afternoon, smoke across the lake caught my eye; pretty impressive.

A couple of photos for the record and I checked later finding that the fire is a hazard reduction burn. (Click on a pic for quick, large images)


Word for today;    Smoke – gets in your eyes.

More to come:    same blog time, same blog channel

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