The swinging voterFrom my stuffed political armchair, an observation to rattle the keys…..

….Tony Abbott P.M. said he would ‘stop the boats’. It seems he has, or at least put a mighty big dent in the flotilla of people smuggler boats heading for the land of the easy touch. While I know that asylum seekers are a policy in progress it’s mighty good, even amazing,  not to see them as the daily headlines.

Given the success so far I wondered whether to tag Tony Abbott P.M. ‘The Wizard of Oz’ or possibly ‘Two Term Tony’. I wondered much too soon.

Because back from the ‘dead and buried’, the cold case files, the dusty drawers, the gone but not forgotton, arose……. WorkChoices. Yes, like Sid the Sloth in Ice Age when asked if he had been killed, Sid answered; ‘sadly yes, but I lived!’

WorkChoices is back on the agenda, being floated over the electorate, brought quietly into conversation in a leisurely, low key manner. After all, Mr Abbott did murmur the name, WorkChoices, in his campaign prior to the election which made him P.M.

‘Dead, buried, cremated’ is how Tony Abbott (as Opposition Leader) described WorkChoices. He’s on record, after a previous lost election, saying the people of Australia have voted. His P.M. at the time, John Howard, was voted out on the WorkChoices issue.

As Fed. Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott was relentless on the then P.M. Julia Gillard for doing a back flip on a Carbon Tax. While P.M. Gillard struggled to maintain composure on this subject, Mr Abbott continued to turn the screws. How easily she could have gagged him by a simple explanation or apology to the generally forgiving Australian population; but she didn’t and paid dearly.

Mr Abbott is running a subtle process of resurrecting WorkChoices and in contrast, hardly a whimper from the Oppostion Leader Bill Shorten, the media or the public on this backflip. Dead, buried, cremated. He’s done a Julia and getting away with it.

Stop the jokes and don't call me Liz - NoNegNot if, but when P.M. Abbott slips a renamed WorkChoices under the back door to join the active policy crowd, I wonder what will happen? A different tag came to mind, ‘The lizard of Oz’, but I thought it to be a little mean. I think I’ll go with ‘One Term Tony’ for now.

Words for today;  WorkChoicesback from the ashes.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel.

Posted by: Bruce | March 31, 2014

Rainbow Lorikeets and a sunset – Lake Macquarie

March 19, 2014 was a bit of a mixed bag weather wise, but I cast my fate to the wind, risked life and limb and walked late in the arvo. Luckily the two images below presented themselves.

In the first, I did my best Sir David Attenborough impersonation while trying to capture the birds sitting atop a snapped off tree trunk. I’m fairly happy with the image of the Rainbow Lorikeets, my voice imitation needs serious work. The second, hard to miss a sunset like this.


Rainbow Lorikeets Lake Macquarie

Rainbow Lorikeets Lake Macquarie

Sunset Lake Macquarie looking past Eraring.

Sunset Lake Macquarie looking past Eraring.

Words for today;       Rainbow Lorikeets - Seems the right name for them.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel

A little bit of Saturday, March 22.

Wangi Point Caravan Park

Every now and then………..and it’s not my fault…….

Today I sat for a while at a fish cleaning table. I wanted pelican feet.

On the way to the fish cleaning table I spotted a guy washing his early model, but elegant, Rolls Royce on the footpath. I also spotted a colourful inflatable jumping castle rising above a fence. Looks as though a kid is having a party today and the weather is just right. Fleetingly, I pictured a kid or two bouncing over the fence, good till the end.

Webbed feet photographed (adding to previous post on pelicans), I stopped at the shop on the way home for lunch. A vicious time at the bread board was coming and I had to be prepared. Away from the shops a little and stopped, about to turn right.

A young couple walking, crossed in front (with fluffy dog) and continued towards the shoreline pathway. I really only noticed the young woman. Don’t look. Too late, I looked.


That’s the word Roy Orbison sings at the end of the first verse in Pretty Woman. Mercy. It was the only word that still came to mind, despite a very slow blink.

Back to the bread board.

Words for today:    Flak jacket………I’m not sure, but it may come in handy after hitting the publish button.

More to come:    same blog time, same blog channel

Posted by: Bruce | March 16, 2014

A pelican in profile – Lake Macquarie

Just a few images of a pelican closer up. Hair style, eye contact and sharp, hooked bill.

I wondered if he was a Canadian pelican leaving the blizzards behind. This one had an Aussie accent though, said he was from North Qld and soon flying back for the winter.

I’d never noticed the ‘nails’ on these birds. The pelicans have four (4) ‘fingers’, the seagulls three (3) with a stubby one at rear of foot.

Click on a pic for larger images that are easy on the eye and look as they should.

Word for today;   Pelican – a big bird with big hook on the end of a big bill.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel

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